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This is a photograph of the National youth choir of Scotland





(The National Youth Choir of Scotland)

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Intermediate 1 and National Level 3 theory exercises are now free to all users at

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A lone piperAccess 3

Learn, revise, test and examine the concepts

A photograph of a flute being playedIntermediate 1

Try all the different levels of revision exercises

A photograph of a alto saxophone being played
Intermediate 2

Build up your experience before trying the most difficult exam questions.

A photograph of a pipe organ consoleHigher

Try all the different styles of questions which are featured in the listening exam. For more difficult exercises using the same concepts try the examples at Advanced Higher.

A photograph of a harpsichord
Advanced Higher

Try a different selection of exercises each time you visit these pages. Remember that you will also benefit from using the materials at Higher level as this level examines the same concepts.


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